Understand How CDM 2015 Impacts Your Business.

If your business is having work carried out which looks and feels like maintenance or construction, it will likely fall under Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015). For example having racking installed, or contractors building an exhibition stand at a venue.

With our ethos of simple, uncomplicated health and safety – that works for you! Sky Blue Safety can support you through,

The Essential 5 Step CDM Process

Step 1  Planning

  • Attend site understand works to be carried out.
  • Develop initial project brief

Step 2   Provision of information by contractor.

  • Send out contractor questionnaire, review returned questionnaire and generic RAM’s provided (Up to 3 contractors)
  • Attend site to review RAM’s with selected contractor so that they cover potential hazards, and controls so far as is reasonably practicable are in place.

Step 3  Contractors commencing work.

  • Provide assistance in inducting contractors

Step 4  Monitoring works in progress.

Step 5  Review.

  • Site left in a safe condition,
  • All waste has been cleared and disposed of
  • Lessons learnt

CDM Support Packages

Standard CDM Package

Up to 30 hours/5 days CDM support £2400 +VAT*

Premium CDM Package

Up to 60 hours/10 days CDM support £4200 +VAT*