Facilities Management Support

Getting the right support for your facilities management with Sky Blue Safety can help your business operate more efficiently and make facilities compliance simple.

Your Facilities Management Business Benefits:

  • Complete Facilities Audit to ensure your maintenance schedules and records are compliant.
  • Conduct contractor competency assessments.
  • Check and review your contractors risk assessments, method statements and safe systems of work.

  • Monitoring and periodic checks of contractors working practices
  • Review your service and inspection reports to identify actions that need to be completed
  • Manage the quotation process of your contractors

Flexible Facilities Management That Works for You

Whether you need help with a specific project or could benefit from regular weekly or monthly support to co-ordinate your facilities management requirements Sky Blue Safety can provide the service that is right for your business

Simple Actions to Consider:

  • Fixed Wire Test: When your five-year fixed wire test was carried out what happened to the inspection report, was it just filed? Were corrective actions it highlighted resolved?
  • Emergency Lighting: When were your emergency lights last tested? Do you test them every month?
  • Is a three-hour soak test carried out annually?
  • Water:  Do you carry out water temperature checks in accordance with HSE L8 approved code of practice?  After running a hot water tap for a minute what temperature was recorded? Do your employees complain that water is too hot? Are your water temperature checks being carried out after peak periods of use e.g.  lunch breaks?
  • Do you know what your responsibilities as a client are under CDM 2015 regarding construction and maintenance work? Please follow this link to to see our blog post about CDM Client Responsibilities

Request Your Facilities Management Consultation

To see how we can help your business with efficient Facilities Management contact Sky Blue Safety, Your Health and Safety Dust Busters, to book a consultation meeting to identify a Facilities Management Solution that is right for your business.