After reviewing the risk to health due to the Covid-19 pandemic Sky Blue Safety have implemented the following controls to protect the health of their employees, customers and suppliers.

  • Employees are to work from home wherever possible.
  • Employees advised of UK Government Guidance of social distancing and are required to follow the guidance wherever possible.
  • All supplier and networking meetings to be conducted virtually.
  • All customer meetings to be conducted virtually wherever possible.

If a Sky Blue Safety employee is required to attend a customer site the following measures are in place.

  • Travel to site in their own vehicle
  • To avoid the use of public transport wherever possible
  • If unable to avoid the use of public transport to use a face covering
  • To follow social distancing measures wherever possible
  • To follow any customer site specific control measures
  • Employees are advised to wash their hands regularly and where they are unable to, use hand sanitizer when on a customer site.
  • Wherever possible employees will try to isolate and work from home for at least 7 days between site visits to prevent the spread of the virus if they are unaware they are a carrier.

Sky Blue Safety will review control measures implemented inline with UK government guidelines and customer specific requirements, where any additional control measures are implemented the above will be updated.

If you require assistance and support with your Covid-19 risk assessment, Sky Blue Safety are providing a one hour free virtual consultation, subject to availability, to support businesses in completing their risk assessments.

To arrange an hours virtual consultation call 01933 812234 or  email