What Is The Purpose Of A Workplace Inspection?

A workplace inspection helps your business to achieve the ‘Check and Act steps in Plan, Do, Check, Act health and safety model. Sky Blue Safety undertake the checking which allows your business to act on any findings and so keep your business compliant and working safely.

Do you know what is going on in your workplace? It is easy to become oblivious to what is really taking place.
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A Common Workplace Inspection Find – when is a fire door not a fire door?

Does your workplace kitchen have a fire door? Is it wedged open? How often have you and your employees walked through that door? It’s likely there is a good reason the door is propped open – with being a tea-aholic seeing any spilt tea is upsetting.

But what if there was a fire in the kitchen? We can recommend simple solutions to allow the door to be left open and easily close when the fire alarm activates.

Our workplace inspection service is based on the Sky Blue Safety ethos of Simple, uncomplicated health and safety – that works for you!

Sky Blue Safety can visit and walk around your site, identifying areas for improvement, and potential areas of noncompliance with legislation. It is just as important to know what is working, so we will also highlight good practice too.

Get A Clear Workplace Inspection Report

Using our mobile workplace inspection app the report we provide to you is simple to follow with photos, comments and action recommendations.

Sky Blue Safety The Health And Safety Dust Busters

As your Health and Safety Dust Busters your workplace inspection can be built around the specific arrangements and controls recorded within your business risk assessment. Blowing the dust off the documentation we will check, that what is documented, can be seen to be happening.

Inspections could also include your facilities management, to check that it can be evidenced that service, maintenance and inspection has taken place.

Taking photos of supporting paperwork and identifying any notes, comments or observations on the paperwork still to be completed. This ensures that paperwork is not simply filed without any of the identified actions having been resolved.

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