Is stress or depression affecting your workforce?

The Health and Safety Executive advise 12.5 million working days were lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/2017

How do you ensure your employees have a work home life balance?

Since the mid nineties the use of technology has grown even further, use of mobile phones, lap tops, tablets and social media, have you considered if this impacts on your employees.

How many times have you heard someone say “I’ve just sent you an email” are they questioning why haven’t you replied yet or are we building groups of people who no longer talk to each other.

Simple steps could be if you hear this is to ask why they needed to send the email, proactively reduce number you send, actively go and talk to others, lead by example.

During lunch periods how many people do you see eating their lunch at their desks, are they just following your lead?

Some simple things you could do to encourage your colleagues to take a break, take a break yourself in the canteen, go for a walk at lunchtime and ask others to go with you, have an informal policy work won’t be discussed during lunch.

Do you have room for a scalextric, pool table, giant jenga, table tennis to help people relax during their breaks?

Where employees stay late to finish off some work previously then finished for the day, are your employees completely finishing for the day nowadays or continuing at home?

When you come in the morning how many emails have you received from colleagues late at night, have you ever sent an email, just so you don’t forget, not expecting a reply but receive one moments later?

How many emails have you read over Sunday lunch?

Does your company have a policy regarding issuing of mobile phones, lap tops etc. Do your employees really need them?

Consider what would happen if employees didn’t have a mobile phone or lap top, what would really happen if the email sent at 10pm on a Friday night or over the weekend wasn’t sent till Monday morning.

Do your managers constantly check in with their teams after they’ve finished for the day? A question could be why? Lack of trust, training and development required, micro management style.

How is this affecting colleagues, by encouraging managers to switch off and not checking in, what happens, if problems arise? This provides an opportunity to develop colleagues understanding so they can manage on their own.

Are you and your employees truly switching off from work and resting?

How many times has your partner complained you’re working at home?

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