A Return to the Norm?

With current legal restrictions now lifted, can working places return to pre-Covid practices? Unfortunately, I don’t think that will be the case.

The Power of Planned Preventative Maintenance

With any sort of machinery or system, things inevitably go wrong. But by planning ahead and stopping these occurrences, you could not only save time and money, you could also save peoples’ lives.

We are Urging Companies to Ensure They’re Health and Safety Compliant

Sky Blue Safety is urging companies to make sure they’re compliant with regards to health and safety, especially as staff return to the office.

Cost Cutting Can Put Lives At Risk

Review of Tougher Penalties for Health and Safety Offences

In February, Health and Safety Matters published an article saying that the tougher penalties that have been imposed are having a positive impact on the reduction of health and safety issues. But whilst this sounds good, is it really going far enough?

The New IR35 Rules

Many businesses hire contractors or consultants to help manage their health and safety, but this could now become a grey area with regards to IR35.

Even Large National Chains Can Get Caught Out

It takes time and effort to manage health and safety. Even big companies get it wrong.

How Is Your Business Handling Work Related Stress?

Has your business put a strategy in place to deal with the mental health of your staff?

Safe Distancing in the Workplace

Distancing in businesses is something health and safety managers have had to consider long before Covid-19.

Don’t Throw Away That Instruction Manual

If something was to go wrong and the safety instructions hadn’t been properly understood and followed then a business owner could be made accountable.

Suspended Sentence Following Fatal Injury

The director of a London scaffolding firm has been handed a prison sentence after one of his employees died from head injuries following the collapse of the structure he was working on.

Take Action Before Incidents Happen

Businesses have a responsibility to make all of their premises safe. But so often simple measures are overlooked.

Think Ahead

Whether it’s getting ready for the cold months or preparing for when lockdown ends, thinking ahead is vital for good health and safety.

New Health & Safety Focused Recruitment Services

Sky Blue Safety, a Northamptonshire based Health & Safety Advisor, has launched a new Recruitment Service to help local and national businesses.

Do You Know How Safe Your Window Cleaner Is?

Did you know that CDM regulations apply to your window cleaner?

Supermarket Fined for Unsafe Equipment

The fining of a supermarket for providing unsafe equipment and breaching a prohibition notice highlights the importance of health and safety practices.

Owners Prosecuted for Ceiling Collapse Demonstrates Importance of CDM

Earlier this month owners of a Birmingham banqueting suite and the builder who installed it have been prosecuted following a ceiling collapse during a school event.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015)

A guide to the CDM regulations from Sky Blue Safety.

Why Health and Safety Is Good For Business

Health and safety should be a key component to every stage of the organisation of your business.

Business Continuity Planning

The majority (70 to 80%) of businesses do not recover from a potential disaster. How can you plan to be one of the businesses which do survive?

Less Able Employees – What Are Your Responsibilities?

You have a moral and legal responsibility to care for those people who make your business successful as discussed in this article.

What Can Kittens Teach Us About Health and Safety?

Prevent Winter Health and Safety Hazards

The two faces of climate change in business

Shouldn’t we all be looking at climate change within our own businesses – specifically the climate of Health & Safety

Fire Alarm Weekly Testing

Are you carrying out weekly fire alarm testing?

Are Your Office Walls Like A Piece Of Swiss Cheese?

The last two fire risk assessments we carried out on new office fit outs found breaches between compartments. This article explains more.

Fire Door Keep Shut!

A fire door retainer and release acoustic unit is a useful way to overcome the issue of wedged open fire doors..

Get Wired For Your Fire Risk Assessment

The Fixed Wire Test highlights the condition of electrical wire installations, and is essential for Fire Risk Assessments

Lifting The Pressure Off Manual Handling

With manual handling, never forget your TILE the most useful acronym to always consider before any manual handling task is undertaken.

Common Sense At Work- It’s All About A Sky Blue Cat

When we carry out a risk assessment we need to remember that everyone’s perception is different. We can’t rely on common sense as a reliable control measure.

Cold Weather Working

On the way back from a client visit I noticed a postman delivering post wearing shorts, you may ask if there is anything wrong with this, what we need to consider at the time the temperature gauge on the car showed 0 degrees Celsius and was lightly snowing.

Can You Switch Off From Your eMails At Home?

Modern technology can lead to employees “working” 24-7. But are they being effective or just building up stress? Read more here

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

A PEEP is an assessment of an individual who through a disability or health condition may have difficulties evacuating in the event of an emergency.

Facilities Management; Cleaning Contractors

As a business, the management of facilities and buildings will be important to you. Should you do this yourself or do you need help? Read more in this article.

Absence and Presenteeism

How to better manage absenteeism and presenteeism

Is Your Workplace Water Too Hot?

Do you know how to safely manage the supply of hot water in your business?

What is the purpose of health and safety?

We may often hear the phrase health and safety culture, what actually is it, can often be the question?

Working In The Sun

Now spring finally seems to have sprung, we now need to start considering employees working outside in the sunshine and hot weather.

When Does The Accident Book Need To Be Completed?

A common question often asked is when does the accident book need to be completed?

PAT Testing Intervals

Lots of companies have it carried out on an annual basis. But is this the correct interval? Read more here.

Forklift Driver Safety Training.

As with any piece of work equipment employees must be trained, forklift training should include three elements. Read more here.

Exhibition stands – CDM 2015

Are you aware when the Construction Design Management Regulations were updated in 2015 it was confirmed would also apply to the construction of exhibition stands and theatre sets?

Big Ben Silenced

Have you every considered the decibel level the bongs of Big Ben generate? 118 decibels – similar to a jet plane taking off.
What noise risks are involved in your business?

Fire extinguishers – Which Ones Do You Need?

After carrying out a recent fire risk assessment on some offices it raised the question do people have the correct fire extinguishers in place.
Do you know what type your office needs?