How Does CDM 2015 Affect Your Business?

Are you aware when the Construction Design Management Regulations were updated in 2015 it was confirmed would also apply to the construction of exhibition stands and theatre sets.

CDM 2015 applies to any construction, renovation, refurbishment, erection and dismantling of a structure.

What do you need to do if attending an exhibition?

Exhibition stand provided by exhibition organiser.

If when arranging to attending an exhibition the construction of the stand is being organised and managed by the venue then they are responsible for ensuring compliance to CDM 2015.

Construction of stand arranged by exhibitor.

As an exhibitor you are arranging the contractors to construct the stand you will be deemed as the client. If you are paying the invoice of the contractor erecting the exhibition stand will mean you are the client.

What does this mean?

You will need to;

  • Assess the competence of the contractor
  • Create a project brief
  • Assign a principal designer who will initialize the health and safety project file
  • Assign a principal contractor (In the case of an exhibition stand the designer and contractor likely to be the same company.)
  • Ensure contractor has risk assessments and method statements in place prior to starting the construction work, control measures are suitable and sufficient to control the hazard and risks.
  • That the contractor provides certificates for employees who will be on site, covering areas such as working at height, use of ladders, trained to operate equipment such as cherry pickers.
  • How they will coordinate with the exhibition organisers and contractors constructing other stands through the construction phase?
  • Where a contractor uses subcontractors they have assessed their competence in tasks they’re assigned.

Now as likely in most cases as the client you won’t be on site when the construction work starts or takes place, ensuring a pre construction inspection takes place by the principal contractor with a copy provided to you as the client with actions the principal contractor will take to resolve and issues found.

As the client main responsibility is to ensure the contractor is competent to carry out the task and they are working in a safe manner, not putting themselves or others at risk.

Seperate from construction of the stand have you assessed the hazards and risks through activity of attending an a exhibition. We may all have carried out risk assessments for activities in the workplace, production process, manual handling but have we overlooked activities that occur away from the normal workplace.

What hazards could there be?

  • Loading a van with stock
  • Manual handling
  • Driving and travelling for work
  • Hazards when setting up is the stand still being constructed
  • If items being demonstrated require power will there be any trailing cables.

These are just some examples of the hazards which may exist.

One way to identify potential hazards is either film or take photographs through the activity from preparing, setting up exhibition, during exhibition and through the packing up.

We can all become oblivious to the hazards and by filming or photographing and reviewing prior to the next exhibition you may be able to reduce some hazards and risks which people may have come to accept as the norm in getting the job done.

If you are arranging to attend an exhibition and require assistance through CDM 2015 or carrying out a risk assessment of activities your employees are involved in Sky Blue Safety Ltd can help. Please contact us today on 01933 812234