As a business, the management of facilities and buildings will be important to you. However as an owner, director or senior manager time is precious. Are you able to answer the following questions?

Is the management of your building and facilities incorporated into someones job role?

Do you know if your building, facilities and equipment are legally compliant?

How do you check and confirm the competence of your contractors?

Where inspections are carried out, are corrective actions highlighted completed?

Does managing contractors take up valuable time away from what your business is there to do?

Cleaning Contractors

The management of cleaning contractors can often be time consuming for a business, when selecting a cleaning contractor you need to have addressed the following questions:

  • How do you know they are competent to carry out specific task?
  • Have they provided site specific risk assessments, COSHH assessments and safe systems of work?
  • Do they train their employees recognised cleaning industry training?
  • Are they cleaning to required standards, do your employees raise complaints?
  • How were the cleaning contractors selected, was it based on cost?
  • If cleaning contractors aren’t performing what do you do?

The difficulty with changing cleaning contractors is this may not improve the standard of cleaning, depending on length of time cleaners have been employed on the contract, their employment may be protected and transferred across to the new cleaning contractors under Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment Regulations TUPE.

As cleaning contracts can often be selected on the basis of cost, unless the new cleaning contractors have put in place significantly different levels of supervision or management, standards of cleaning may stay the same.

  • Have the cleaning contractors put in place daily, weekly and monthly schedule of tasks to be undertaken?
  • Are these regularly monitored to ensure are being achieved, where complaints or concerns are raised?
  • Do the cleaning schedules include the areas or tasks where complaints or concerns have been raised.

Expectations or perception of employees in regards to standards of cleaning, may be where misunderstanding can be created, cleaners can often be working to a schedule of works to fit agreed budget and time for cleaning.

How can Sky Blue Safety Ltd help?

Sky Blue Safety Ltd can provide a retained facilities management service, ensuring the building, facilities and equipment are legally compliant.

Managing contractors, checking they are competent to carry out tasks required, also working with contractors to aid ensuring required standard is being achieved.

If you need advice or support in regards to the management of your facilities contact Sky Blue Safety Ltd via email or call us on 01933 8122342