Does your fire door look like this, with a prominent warning label and handy door wedge?

When undertaking their routine tasks of the day employees tend not to notice fire doors. They just become doors that either slow down their route around the building, or in poorly ventilated buildings, are thought of as a barrier to the flow of fresh air and making the work environment stuffy and stale. So it’s tempting for them to wedge fire doors open or use objects, even fire extinguishers. With employees juggling teas and coffees for the team, fire doors to the kitchenette become a common target for being propped open to prevent spills.

This is a dangerous habit not only preventing fire doors being effective in the event of a fire but also on a day to day basis causes an obstruction and any non-compliance can also invalidate the fire insurance of a business.

One way buildings are designed to help delay the spread of a fire outbreak is by dividing it into areas linked by fire doors. The two key functions of fire doors are to form a fire barrier when closed and when open, an escape route.

A fire door retainer and release acoustic unit is a useful way to overcome this issue, allowing fire doors to perform their function when needed while not obstructing the operation of the business on a day to day basis.

Once set-up correctly these wire-free, electronic devices are acoustically triggered and will respond only to the sound of the building’s fire alarm and will not react to any other sounds. The unit mechanism can then safely and legally hold open the fire door until such time in the event of the fire alarm sounding the unit will close the door promptly and automatically.

These units can be seen at Dorgard

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