How often do you see caution very hot water sign above taps in the workplace, public or customer welfare facilities and wondered why?

Hot water will be checked on a regular basis to ensure the correct temperature for the control of legionella.

When hot water is checked it should be 50 degrees Celsius after tap has run for one minute.

Do you check the log sheet of recorded temperatures, are they above 60 or 70 degrees Celsius, what actions were taken to reduce the temperature?

In the workplace consider the time of day temperature is checked, is it checked first thing in the morning, prior to any use and are the taps left to run for a minute?

Consider checking the temperature during tea or lunch breaks as to temperatures of hot water after tap has run for one minute, especially if concerns have been raised regarding the temperature of hot water.

The hotel were checking and recording  hot water temperature, were  aware of high temperatures but had failed to put measures in place to protect guests.

If you need support regarding hot water temperature checks contact Sky Blue Safety Ltd.