Press Release November 2020

Sky Blue Safety, a Northamptonshire based Health & Safety Advisor, has launched a new Recruitment Service to help local and national businesses.

Since April 2017, Sky Blue Safety has been helping businesses improve health and safety. As part of this work, the company recognised how some businesses just didn’t have the time, resource or knowledge to execute health and safety properly. Therefore, utilising Managing Director Neil Chambers’ existing relevant experience, the company is now offering this additional recruitment service.

Neil said:

“We support Health and Safety, Facilities Management and Warehouse Management Professionals. These are very specialist jobs and it’s vital that the right fit is found for each individual person and organisation. I have 25 years’ experience working across retail, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and facilities management so I know what is needed to find the ideal candidate.”

Sky Blue Safety works to aid businesses who want to take ownership of their health and safety, whether it’s offering guidance and support directly or helping with the recruitment of in-house employees.

Neil added:

“In this current climate, health and safety could not be more important, yet many companies don’t have anyone working for or with them to offer the right advice. I’ve always believed that having a health and safety file and ticking the boxes isn’t enough. Every business should proactively make sure that they are looking after their workforces, so that every individual has the ability to work for as long as they want to.”

Whether you are looking to hire a health and safety professional or you’re looking for work in this area, visit our Recruitment Services page to find out more about how Sky Blue Safety could help you