A question I am asked frequently is; “how often should PAT testing be carried out?” 

Lots of companies have it carried out on an annual basis. This has to be questioned as to why? Depending on number of items to be tested, cost can range from  £0.75 – £2.00 per item.

Claims that PAT testing is required by law are not true. The law does require that employers, including self-employed, ensure that all electrical equipment that they provide in their business is safe and properly maintained.

By having PAT testing carried out aids in complying with legislation.

As you can see from HSE table (shown below) guidance for desk top computers, a formal visual inspection is suggested every 2 – 4 years and combined visual inspection and testing every 5 year’s if not double insulated.

Many companies will have a IT policy in place to replaced equipment on a rolling 3 – 5 year program, apart from a visual inspection a test may never be required based on HSE guidance.

It may be a decision easiest way to carry out a formal visual inspection is by having equipment PAT tested. There may be no reason that with a simple checklist employees can’t carry out a formal visual inspection of the equipment they use.

It’s not unusual for companies to be paying  £3500 – £4000 a year for PAT testing.

  • How much are you being charged?
  • What percentage of your items tested would be classed as information technology equipment?
  • Can you reduce costs by reviewing how often your equipment is PAT tested?

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PAT Testing Interval Guide