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This has been raised by a client who’s serviced office provider had asked information on number of employees who are covered by a PEEP.

What is a PEEP?

A PEEP is an assessment of an individual who through a disability or health condition may have difficulties evacuating in the event of an emergency.

Putting measures in place to ensure the individual can evacuate.

Areas a PEEP may identify.

Someone with impaired hearing and can not hear the fire alarm.

Someone with impaired vision, if in event of an emergency the emergency lighting does not provide sufficient lighting to allow them find their own way out.

Someone with a disability or health condition which may affect them from evacuating. This could be short term such as a broken leg or a permanent condition. May be able to access usual place of work through use of a lift, if use is prohibited during an emergency are they able to evacuate via stairs.

Actions which could be implemented

Installing flashing beacons along with fire alarm sounders.

Buddy system in place for anyone who needs assistance.

Installing and training people in how to operate a Evac chair.

Talk to the individual, a wheelchair user may know best way for them, may include getting out of the wheelchair and lowering themselves down step by step.

Reviewing where someone is usually located, can they be located on the ground floor, or closer to the escape route.

Equality Act 2010

One thing to consider when conducting a PEEP is the Equality Act, no one should be discriminated against in evacuating on one of the protected characteristic which includes disability.

How can it be identified if a PEEP is required?

  • Initial health and safety induction, going through the escape route, does that identify a concern?
  • Asking individual at induction if there is anything which may cause a difficulty in evacuating, such as current health condition.
  • Employees have a responsibility to advise their employer in changes to their health which may affect them whilst at work.

Sky Blue Safety Ltd can provide support and assistance in regards to PEEP contact 01933 812234