How prepared is your business for the winter months?

Important Information

An employer must provide safety signs where they can help reduce risk and where all other methods of reducing risk have been employed but a danger to employee health and safety remains.

A new range of health and safety signs and products from Sky Blue Safety are designed to help you reduce the risks to your business from common winter hazards…

Surface Safety

Slip and trip accidents increase during the winter months as cold weather spells cause ice and snow to build up on paths.  There are actions that you can take to reduce the risk of a slip or trip, always ensure that regularly used walkways are promptly dealt with and indicate safe pedestrian routes, if possible provide covered walkways.

Slip accidents can also occur at entrances as people arrive wet from rain downpours and snow.

Ice Detector Signage 

Will reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents on your premises

The Ice Detector sign range is an early warning system, and a simple visual indicator of imminent freezing conditions that can be used in any outdoor area, including car parks, warehouse depots, retail outlets, walkways and outdoor workplaces.

As the temperature drops, the reflector will transition to show that conditions are becoming colder and freezing conditions are therefore a possibility. When the temperature drops below -1°C then the reflector display will be fully blue.

They should be placed so they are clearly seen at eye level, to provide the quickest indication of the coldness outside of any building or carpark when entering or exiting the premises.

Winter Driving

A winter driving policy can help minimise the risks encountered in wintry conditions. Train staff to carry out pre-drive checks of their vehicles before their journey, check tyre treads, and lights etc are in good condition and that windscreens are clear. Consider using winter kits for vans and cars, which could include a blanket. Keep company premises or car parks clear of snow and ice by gritting.

Health and Wellbeing Posters

Sky Blue Safety’s range of posters help to raise awareness of mental health, which can be affected by SADs (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and general wellbeing of employees. Encourage good hygiene within the workplace can help prevent the spread of  germs and reduce absenteeism from winter colds and flu.

Cold Weather Working

Providing workers with suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them from the cold, wet, wind and dark can go a long way to keeping workers comfortable during extreme conditions.

Sky Blue Safety’s newly launched range of health and safety sign products help you manage workplace health and safety hazards across all areas of your business, from reception to corridors, outside space to warehousing, retail outlets and offices ensuring you are able to stay compliant with HSE regulations.

Download Safety Signs Guidance Checklist 

This handy checklist helps your business identify any areas where hazard warning workplace signs may be required to avoid the risk of personal injury to employees

Download the Winter Safety Products Leaflet 

For the full range of Winter Products and details of the Ice Detector early warning system

For advice on how you can reduce the risk from winter hazards in your business contact Sky Blue Safety Ltd or calling us at 01933 812234