Kittens and Health & Safety

We have so much to learn from our new feral feline family

Will life ever be the same again? It’s Christmas and we’re sitting thinking how things have changed over the last few months.

Back in July, we picked up our three little kittens from Cats Protection. Cared for by the charity since their birth in May, it was time for them to return home and for us to take up the mantle of parental responsibility.

The adorable little blighters don’t make life easy. Gone are the days of eating dinner on the sofa or carelessly leaving food lying around that might fall prey to their greedy stomachs. How long will it be before they plunder the fish tank? Will the widescreen TV ever be safe?
Feral kittens are determined, resilient little creatures. Just observing one, in particular, attempting repeatedly to clamber up the mirror above the sofa, before slithering down, tumbling onto the cushions before bouncing back up and jumping on his brothers.

A question of planning

We hadn’t planned to be adopted by a feral cat. Neither was the arrival of three kittens part of our family’s five-year strategy. But still – we were impacted by this unplanned event. It was now our responsibility to adapt, cope and grow with the change in our lives.
Isn’t in the same in business? We can’t plan for every single eventuality that might be just around the corner. But surely we can come close. With careful thought and clear thinking, we can anticipate and allow for all kinds of potential health risks and hazards which can arise from the activities we carry out in the workplace.

Don’t bank on your employees having nine lives

How aware are you of the potential risks to health which may exist in your place of work? Do you have the necessary controls in place? How often and how carefully do you monitor that these controls are being followed?
Are you the business owner? In which case, these are your responsibilities. It’s your statutory duty to ensure the health and safety of your employees are protected.
The arrival of furry feline friends into our lives has turned out to be quite a challenge. Changes in your workplace will throw up their own challenges. Make sure you have all your Health and safety measures in place – for your people’s sake.

Here to help

If you need help assessing and managing the risks that change brings to your business, get in touch. After all, we’re here to help.
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